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HeartSpring Media was founded to be an outlet for powerful Christian resources that communicate hope and success. HeartSpring is on the leading edge of modern Christian resources and continues to develop new and compelling resources.

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Sherlock’s Faith an Investigation of Christianity by Frank Harber Ph.D. This exciting book is something every Christian should know and what every skeptic should read.

As an atheist, Frank Harber set out to prove that God did not exist. In an intense investigation, he studied the nine major world religions and uncovered startling evidence. Sherlock’s Faith guides the reader through the evidence and provides the investigator with the tools to study the case using the art of investigation and deductive reasoning. Readers are challenged to examine the evidence just as Sherlock Holmes would and draw a conclusion based on the evidence. Inside the pages of this book, you will find remarkable information that can only lead to one amazing conclusion.

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Modern Family - Vintage Values (Book)
by Danny Forshee
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Sherlock's Faith (Book)
by Frank Harber
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Happy 2 Do It (Audio)
by Randy Draper
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